A New Addiction On the Horizon

“I haven’t seen anything like this before!?! You put in the first one after a few times and the second one at the very first try?!? And you really haven’t worn contact lenses before?”

“Nope.” I tell him the truth, and then: “Oh, hello, world! Wow. This is … It’s great! Wow!”

And just like that, I am happy, exhilarated even. What a feeling!  The illusion of seeing well with my eyes only is overwhelming.Wow.

“Look, I usually charge 25 € for this, per person, but since I haven’t had any work with her, because she put her lenses in immediately, I’m gonna charge both of you for only one check and consultation.”

So the nice guy telling me all about contact lenses was serious when he said I’d learnt it very fast. Very well.

“I’m gonna need a pair of new sunglasses.” I tell my hubby, grinning happily.

“I don’t understand that. I mean: I can’t do it like you said, because there’s a step in there, on one side. Where does it come from, I wonder.”

“Don’t worry, just cut it short. I’ve had short hair many times before and I like it.”

“OK, but where does the length difference come from. I mean-“

“No, it wasn’t one of you. To tell you the truth, it was me. I was working too much and wanted desperately to get my hair cut but I had no time. So I did it myself.”

I am actually blushing a bit, but she’s relieved. And a few minutes later, my haircut is all it should be. Though my hubby would have preferred it shorter, I feel I am old enough for some hair to put behind the ears with an elegant gesture, like a lady should, if she feels like it. Or something.


4 responses to “A New Addiction On the Horizon

  • Tina.

    I know there are so many benefits of wearing contact lenses (such as wearing sunglasses, being able to see better when one runs, swims, etc.), but I’m so used to wearing my glasses that my face feels naked without them. And I actually like wearing them.

    • alcessa

      I like my glasses, too – they really are a part of my identity. And I am sure everyone will pay full attention to my wholly exposed laughing wrinkles now, where they might have stopped looking at the glasses’ edge before. But as much as I don’t need hair to hide my face, I also don’t need glasses to hide my eyes, really. EDIT: Not because I am such a master of self-confidence :-), but because in my life as a stay-at-home freelancer, appearances are not really relevant and since I don’t go out too often … I don’t work in my PJs but I don’t do many of the things other people have to, either (like: wear make-up and, most of all, have an official persona, with the corresponding looks, behaviour and communication. I don’t have that, really. So I also lack the appropriate awareness of these things.)

      And … cuddling up to one’s hubby and no metal and/or glass clinking, scrapping, just being in the way … whoa. Less opportunity for leaving numerous finger prints on the plastic material which need to be removed carefully hujjj … Less pain on the nose bridge I cannot avoid from time to time no matter what form my glasses are … heaven.

      Anyway: I am not going to wear lenses at home, mostly, but I will surely wear them outside/outdoors and at similar occasions. Right now, I still need to get used to them and it is just like the nice guy told us: reading (as a form of taking a closer look at things) needs getting used to.

  • jana zf

    Very cool! I’ve realized lately that I (honestly!) do not recognize people on the street until later on when I had already passed them … awkward. I like wearing glasses, but only indoor, so lenses seem to be the answer for me too. Huh, have to start thinking about that (after settling urgent matters with my dental sphere … )

    • alcessa

      😆 Yeah, not recognizing people sounds kind of uncool 🙂

      Years ago, I stopped wearing glasses because my sight problem was so slight … (a bit of myopia is no reason to wear glasses, is it). And then I went to study instead of teaching and I found out I couldn’t read things on the blackboard all of a sudden. So I had my sight checked (with really bad results I hadn’t expected at all), glasses made and the world became sharper. Which was why my cleaning routine had to be adapted, too 🙂 cause I suddenly saw things 🙂 And my sight hasn’t changed since then, which might be good news…

      You know, the best moment of wearing lenses is the illusion you can see well with your eyes only – I’d seriously recommend it. 🙂 Plus, I’d recommend going to a really good optician who is able to show and explain things well – that’s what made me react correctly throughout the whole learning process and love the whole experience. Competence.

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