MMM: Mine!

O boy, did I splurge today. As soon as I could, with a hurt finger.

To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have heard of Maison Martin Margiela before – but then again, you may not be surprised at all, since I mostly blog about re-fashions and cheap stuff.

I have also never before whole-heartedly coveted anything that was offered as a result of a cooperation between H&M and any of the famous haute couturiers. Couldn’t care less for the stuff.

But this week I found out I liked MMM a lot and today, it turned out my taste must be a very special one, since most of you let me buy online what I wanted the most: the long woollen skirt (pretending to be?) made of pin-striped trousers.  A re-fashion, sort of (originally sold in autumn/winter 1989-1990, when we were all still young).

Or maybe I could get it because of the power blackout in Munich this morning? 😈

EDIT: Just got the skirt – it is every bit as gorgeous as I thought it would be! 😀

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