The Natural History Museum of London

For one thing, it is admission free. And very famous. And unbelievably interesting.

Which is why we skipped the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum without a second thought, the Earth being a better scientist and designer, anyway. Also, we agreed we needed to visit London again, so.

I guess you know the chain of logic by now: 1) natural history museum 2) admission free 3) full of dinosaurs 4) full of children.

Well, they mostly did the children thing (gathering, running, exclaiming, asking, pointing …) around dinosaurs but not in the other areas (like mineralogy or paleontology), so it was OK. And we loved the dinosaurs, too. And my salad afterwards was lovely 🙂

After having spent a few lovely hours at the museum, I wanted to have a look at the Harrods, simply because it was near. It was raining a bit, but it was very hot inside the department store, which is why we took off our coats. So we carried our bags, umbrellas and coats through the crowded rooms and had no free hands and no wish to buy stuff like cookies. Not our fault – they should have reduced the heat, it’s that simple.

d_nhm entrance(the entrance hall)

d_nhm head(a forgotten head?)

d_nhm moose(a mighty head)

d_nhm dodo(a man made dodo – it is extinct even in its stuffed form)

d_nhm birdwatching(bird watching in the olden times: kill them & pin them up)

d_nhm greatest(size matters)

d_nhm chameleon(an intimate presentation of a chameleon)

d_nhm turtle(inside a turtle)

d_nhm earth(entrance to the History of Earth)


4 responses to “The Natural History Museum of London

  • matilda

    jep, tudi tu moram dodat svoj minipripsevek. V Londonu sem nbila neštertokrat (beri trikrat) in vsakič obiščem ta prekrassni prostor in vsakič ponovno ogovorim izrezljane veveričke na ograji stopnišča in se udeležim tekinga med dinoti in tirosi. Najljubši mi pa oddelek z minerali. Tih, zaprašen in svetlikajoč. Beautiful House.

    Saj ste šli tudi v The Park?????

    • alcessa

      Matilda, dobrodošla – kot najnovejša fenica Londona z veseljem prebiram o tvojih dogodivščinah. In ker nimaš bloga … Minerali so bili tudi meni ZELO kul, na žalost pa je ogled spremljal občutek bližnje nezavesti (utrujenost), zato bom morala tja še enkrat 😈

      Ne vem, ali misliva isti park, čisto mogoče – boš izvedela jutri …

  • matilda

    naslednjič si opomori v bistroju nasproti

    juhce za umret, olivni namaz za šalčko polizat;)
    misliva, misliva….

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