Hampton Court Palace

Our last sightseeing tour started in a quite comfortable way: sitting in a train to Hampton Court that leaves the noisy Waterloo station (think hangoverish Santa yodeling his last-minute panicky HOHOHO from every damn speaker around you and at regular intervals) every 30 minutes.

The palace had seen many important events take place within its walls that grew more and more in number and size, but hasn’t been lived in by the royals since the 18th century.

Apart from the ubiquitous Henry VIII and his wives (but not their ghosts, you need to do a special tour for them), I encountered traces of other persons I had had the pleasure to read about, like cardinal Wolsey (e.g. playing an important role in the exquisite Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel), Prince William, Duke of Cumberland aka “Butcher” Cumberland (cf. my guilty pleasure, the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon), who, unlike his older brother Frederick, Prince of Wales, was adored by his parents., and William and Mary, who together with their relatives feature prominently in the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson I am currently re-reading.

The palace itself is really beautiful and a great way to bring the first London visit to a close. Should you ever go there, don’t forget to get lost in the famous maze – it is a very life-like, exciting experience 🙂










(you can see/might have seen more Hampton Course Palace pics on my Flickr)


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