How Now, Brown Cow?

Well, first of all, since I have mentioned that before: flying to London in December was my first time in a plane ever (having done a helicopter before). Now, this has nothing to do with any angst I might have, since I adore flying, but with general circumstances, like: we still need to go paddling to Scandinavia every summer (taking our boat, tent and car with us) and we seldom travel in winter but prefer to celebrate at home. Not to mention that flying wasn’t cheap enough when I was a student and the only way to get to Berlin from Ljubljana was hitchhiking … 🙂


Then, about Marmite, the famous spread praised as vegetarian and healthy: the producer claims you either LOVE IT or HATE IT.

Well, I licked it from my finger tip and I HATED it. How can anyone eat so much salt at once will be a mystery to me, like: forever. And I prefer salt over sugar any time.

After having brought a small bottle of Marmite home, I used it in a sauce and later on in a soup and I LIKED it.

Mathematics being one of my strengths, this means my reaction to Marmite is a clear MEH.

And London? Well, we love it, we really do, and we are going back soon. But first things first: we have also been dreaming of the Caucasus region (Georgia on our mind) for some time …

(now, about the Brown Cow)


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