Hooked And Baited

Before leaving for London I had my hubby promise we wouldn’t be giving each other big Bday or Xmas presents, because it was wiser to spend the money in London, straight away 🙂

Well, I must say it was a good decision, especially since my “little” Xmas present was something I absolutely love! What I unwrapped on that day was a lovely Kindle hull with a corresponding lamp, but the real, big surprise came a few days later …

Since we weren’t really too healthy after the trip we stayed at home, waiting for the New Year’s Eve and … making things from silver clay. 😳 Both of us: I had thought He would want to have a go at it and he did.

“It’s beautiful,” I said. “But what exactly is it?!?”

“You’ll see. It’s a secret.”

Since I was busy keeping my silver bits from falling apart, I didn’t think too much about his secret, so I was utterly surprised when it turned out to be a present for me:


That’s right. That’s my new Kindle hull, adorned with a silver ornament, made before my very eyes 🙂

Things I made? Oh, I was just toying around:


I used a syringe to make these and it was easy, but it also had its stressy moments. We torched them on an outdoor gas grill we had bought for that purpose. And there’s a coin in this picture for you to see that I haven’t been splurging around, buying loads of silver and making huge statement pieces. 😳 Instead, I was a good girl, like I said I would 😆

Oh, and my silver bits were photographed on a script I will use to see whether I can learn enough to have a try at my darn exam in March. I did hand in the proscribed homework (I had written it on Xmas day) and I know how to do the derivatives now. You know: that maths stuff. Though that is not enough to pass the exam, I might just about learn enough to apply for it.

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