A hardcore BSG fan – moi? Oh yes!

Some time ago I asked my readers which TV series they’d recommend and I got a bundle of lovely suggestions, most of which we have enjoyed in the meantime, quite a few of them two or more times so far (yes, we are old and forget things in between two watchings). Thank you once more for making our life so much more interesting and I mean: REALLY interesting!

There is one series we have seen three times so far and I can hardly wait for some time to pass to forget things and watch it all over again (that’s what age is for). It was Kaneli who suggested it, so let us have a round of applause for Kaneli 🙂

Apart from seeing Battlestar Galactica three unforgivable times and thinking about it a lot, I had also developed a strong wish to become a Nugget (basically a pilot material), so I ordered my Dog Tags and got an Induction Order with them. My call sign? Why, alcessa, of course 🙂



4 responses to “A hardcore BSG fan – moi? Oh yes!

  • kaneli

    Yes! 😀 Sicer pa… aaaa, koliko to stane? Jaz bi tudi!

  • kaneli

    Poceni res niso, ampak za darilo pa seveda super izbira. Vse najboljše za nazaj. 😉 Bom še jaz počakala na kako tako priložnost (in prej še enkrat pogledala BSG), trenutno sem spet bolj v branju Tolkiena: berem Gospodarja prstanov v finščini, hehe.

    • alcessa

      KUL, tole s Tolkienom v finščini 🙂
      In hvala 🙂
      Primerni so bili za tak dogodek, ker mi je serija ponudila (3x) toliko snovi za razmišljanje, da je bila neke vrste spremljevalec v odraslost, kar je fajn (meni je odraslost še vedno vrednota).

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