Yes I Did

I learnt today, again. About interest rates, compound interest and stuff. I also did some maths concerning it all and I am still loving it.

Also, I finished up my brand new splurge. It makes me want to have another go, because I love modeling the clay and working towards final results so much. You know the problem: one can only find out what one’s imagination keeps in store when finally seeing it. And I am a curious babe. 😳

It’s a good thing to have much work, otherwise a person that I don’t want to name right now would splurge the equivalent of a small European country’s GDP (let’s say … Cyprus :twisted:) on material.



(don’t worry: this IS an enlarged pic)

(for the professionals among you: yes, I used a stamp, among other things)

(for the hobby psychologists among you: yes, one COULD say it represents my complicated soul – I am told I am allowed one because I’m a girl)

(everyone: YES; I see a grinning face with a jammed mouth, too – you know that song? “Don’t speak…” 😀 )


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