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Sometimes, I really don’t know what to cook for lunch.

You know, when keeping up with Lohases, every day healthy food is veeery important. 😈 But it’s not always that easy to know what we’d appreciate that day, especially when other things (like recycling, refashioning or resleeping) are on my mind.

Fortunately, I do not have to ask my hubby what he’d like to eat – I know the answer by heart: “Well, if you really don’t know what to make, how about some … couscous?!?”

Should you have a couscous lover in your family, let me share my favourite recipe for this lovely kind of pasta I usually try to healthy up and end up with a good taste thrown in:

(for 2 persons):

3 cloves of garlic

3 onions

1 cup of couscous (you’ll need to find out which cup size is right for you – mine is large) + 1,5 cups of water

some fat (I use olive oil)

chilli, salt, other spices (curry, garam masala, thyme … whatever you like)

some tofu cubes, some sliced mushrooms, half a cup of sesame seeds, flax seed, ground almonds …

if you like them, some tahini, nutritional yeast or ground cheese to be served with

First of all: throw away the garlic and the onions, for they are an Abomination and shouldn’t even be there.

Thoroughly clean all the garlic and onion tinged surfaces and then boil the water with salt, switch off the heat, put couscous into the water, cover the pot and let couscous drink up the water (I have no idea how much time YOUR couscous will need for that. Mine is of the brown kind, organic, and needs 15 minutes to become all mushy).

After it’s finished, heat up some olive oil in a pan, add chilli and other spices you might like, roast them gently on middle heat and then turn up the heat again: add mushrooms, tofu, stir, add couscous, spoon by spoon. After it’s been dried out sufficiently, turn down the heat again, add the seeds/the nuts (sesame, flax and almonds, remember?) and roast it all gently till you are happy with the results. Serve with yeast, cheese or tahin. Smile.


BTW, do you know what this is:

pizza roh


That’s right: it’s a Pizza Alcessiana!

pizza gebacken Literally full of mushrooms, olives and tomatoes, on home made pizza dough (yes, I realized the dough wasn’t enough AFTER having sliced the toppings, so what?!?)



2 responses to “Comfort Couscous & Stuff

  • jana zf

    Še dobro, da si tu, da izvem za kakšno fensi kratico 😉
    Kuskus je pri nas vedno in, ampak nimamo tolk fensi dodatkov in začimb. Bo treba kaj ukrenit. In pizza alcessiana zgleda bombastično – I would do her, I definitely would! 🙂

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