The Wonderful Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. Also: bad salad and white bread overkill. And: Moose discovers a culinary delight she’s never heard of before!

The biggest science museum in Europe. And wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.


Sleepy. Cranky. Should feel happy cause someone left 2 euros in the vending machine at Château Rouge, an amount that I have used for an energy drink, but the sight of a young boy trying to grab a young Asian girl’s bag while the doors of the metro are closing reminds me where we are. In Paris. In “no-coffee-so-far-but cigarette-and-piss-stench” Paris. In “yes-we-lie-about-the-quality-of-our-offers” Paris.

Well, something tells me I am still going to enjoy today’s museum a lot.

It’s just a train station …

38 stalingrad

And that’s where one of the best museums I have ever seen is:

36 porte de la vilette


37 znanost

This is an exhibition of Finnish industrial design highlights. Yes, Finnish. 🙂 Unfortunately, I didn’t wear my beloved “Koli Finland” T-shirt that day.

They also had an exhibition of some very modern clothes, mostly from newly invented materials.

The boat dress was more or less a joke, though it does float:

30 boot kleid

The inspiration for this dress came from Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire:

32 engelkleid

A dress and a cleaning rag in one piece (aka catalysator dress):

31 katalitikkleid

A Cloud Dress (made from a particularly light material):

33 wolkenkelid

And many more.

We also adored the mathematics section, optical illusions, I learnt for my exam in the economy exhibition (I did!) and we discovered a few things about ecology.

35 ekonomie

34 autodisk

But the best part of the day arrived at 14 h: Planetarium! We didn’t know there were audio guides for that, too, so we listened to French instead. What we saw was enough, anyway. WOW. Just: WOW. I can’t tell you how much I loved the illusion of being lifted from our planet and dwelling among the stars, the planets, in front of the swirl that is our Milky Way … Even kids kept quiet most of the time. I can hardly wait to check the planetariums (planetaria? planaterii?) in our neighbourhood (Mannheim) … WOW.

And since I’ve been complaining about the food so much: at the museum café, we got white bread sandwiches with tasteless cheese (meh) and supermarket salads with chicken (he) and ham (me – I knew it would be easy to pick out the ham cause they only put it on top).

While I do appreciate a baguette or puff pastry from time to time, I need to avoid eating too much of the stuff because my tummy says BÄH quite soon. It’s a home-spoiled tummy and it hates wasting its capacities for bland industrial food.

So at the end of the day, when we got back to our hotel room, tired (I had to carry my bag all of the time because we needed to take our valuables with us) and hungry, we had to give the supermarket across the street another chance: better safe than sorry or cranky …

Which was how I finally discovered some absolutely delicious food: Tyrrell’s VEG CRISPS. DAMN yummy. And so very English …


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