Moyen Âge. Delicious Veggies. The Two Towers. Not to mention the gay marriage haters.

The Musée national du Moyen Âge was Hubby’s idea which I approved of straight away because he simply has a talent for suggesting interesting sites and I’d be stupid not to pay attention.

Also called Musée de Cluny, it turned out to be well-worth seeing: despite being all borderline cranky and passive aggressive about the preponderance of Christian arts and objects presented (also, no coffee so far but a bundle of holy people, some of them headless) I soon realized it was a great place to take photos in. Whenever allowed, of course. But even simply observing everything carefully was a pleasure, too.

The museum is full of quirky, sometimes funny and often very intriguing objects, like stone heads of (pre-Christian) kings:

52 kralji

24 cluny(you know: a Talking head, aka Hear no evil, see no evil))

25 cluny(a much worried prophet)

26 cluny(a catering services employee)

53 figa(the Medieval Origin of the world)

54 bishop(an Erased bishop with a questionable style)

55 family(The Son getting on his father’s Nerves)

And many others (wall tapestries with speech bubbles – the very beginnings of the cartoon art? And the Lady and the unicorn tapestries? 🙂 We didn’t get to see those, they were closed for public)

– – –

We still had some time left after that and the sun was shining, so we walked towards the Eiffel Tower, buying some lovely food in a small shop (sweet cherry tomatoes! dried fruit, cookies, zero coke) and reading the sprayed on sentences under our feet, telling us Mommy and Daddy are the best but two daddies aren’t and neither are two mommies. MEH. 😦 Someone clearly had an acute case of writeritiss, but not a clue.

At the feet of the Tower I commanded 😳 a vaguely familiar beggar to go away and then we had our pique-nique. Here’s a photo for our eager American friends reading this, though I guess they know me by now, even better than I do:

58 sonnenbrille

– – –

Paying 15 euro for a get-on-get-off-as-you-like boat ride on the Seine must have been one of our better ideas – we both love water vessels and Paris gets even more interesting from this fresh point of view. One can even take photos of both Eiffel towers:

28 2 ajfla(our captain was a lovely young lady, a fact we both appreciated)

– – –

The same pub on Rue St. Martin as yesterday, only this time I ordered an omelette (okayish) and a salad (divine: even the proof they cut the veggies themselves was there: the very heart of the lettuce head).

Actually, I was so happy with our stay there I overtipped the nice serveuse who accepted my French with such persistent calm 🙂 and then pretended I didn’t understand her protestations too well. 😆

– – –

The next morning we watched a group of real men utter obscenities at a drag queen, Paris stank of piss once more and though we didn’t want to, we locked our baggage at Gare de l’Est and visited Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. Just to have something to do. Then we ate at the train station and I was already fantasizing about all the good food I was going to cook when we get home, about our clean bedroom, coffee and SWR2 in the morning …I was also somewhat unwell 2 days after having returned and needed much effort to get better, though that potato soup surely helped. And our own wholemeal bread. And basil growing proudly on the window sill.

In other words, though we still have a few good reasons to visit Paris (aerospace museum, Versailles), we are not “getting back together” any time soon …It is not a good idea to visit Paris when overworked and without any wish to go shopping, but hungry for information (on history, art etc.). Information, you will get, first class, most of it. But everything else about your visit will make you even more tired, if not planned and chosen properly or if you feel the need for some things that simply aren’t there.

No Place For Old Meese.


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