A Post For Our Eager American Friends

“Tell me: have you ever actually measured your head? You know, sometimes-“

“I have. My head really is that large. I’ve tried 61 cm a few times, but it doesn’t really feel comfortable. So yes, I do need 62 cm.”

“Oh. Well, we thought we had them in store, but it turned out we didn’t. We do not often have ladies requiring this size …”

“I know. Right now, I only have one hat and it’s a men’s hat. Waterproof polyester in hunting green. The company even sends me rifle ads ever since I bought it. I think yours is the only shop that offers panama hats for ladies in my size.”

“… Well, we do not seem to have any available right now. I know it’s summer already, but if you could wait some more, maybe I can find one …”

“OK, I’ll wait. What else can I do?”

– – –

Oh, and, dear American friends: I tend to “adapt” the reality before depicting it on my blog. Something to do with growing up in an Eastern village and knowing when to keep things to myself. But there are at least 2 real facts that I am ready to share directly, without any prisms: 

1. Yes, I think this world is going to end because of human stupidity and narcissism.

2. Yes, the circumference of my head is 62 cm, that would be 24.4094 inch in your world.

– end of reality –

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