Exam Scare

Phhhhhewwwwww … for a moment, I was not amused. It can’t be, can it?!?!?

I checked once more. Nope.

I haven’t missed the deadline to apply for my first economy exam – they haven’t started taking in the applications yet. 😳

The ultimate fear of a diligent student: a missed examination deadline! Booo!

Though I should fear the exam even more: despite all the joy I get from reading about things I have never heard of before, all those disclaimers around them (this method doesn’t actually work in real life/XY was too speculative …) just manage to confuse me.

So should I or should I not try to understand and/or memorize mathematical expressions when no one in real life uses them because they don’t contain enough reality?

And what’s with all those abstract names for things everyone knows are simple?

We’ll see …


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