Dear Long Distance Spy,

wherever you are. So you went and programmed my fridge and it made me hurt myself while cleaning it.

Yes, the shelf was stuck like you intended to and it hit my nose with all the power I could gather in that position, trying to pull it out.

Well then. But do excuse me for asking while I am also trying not to die because it hurts so much: What was that all about? I mean … what am I supposed to do or say or write in a state like that? 😯

Yours truly,

Alcessa the Subversivemissive

2 responses to “Dear Long Distance Spy,

  • Techka

    Si dala led gor? 🙂

    • alcessa

      Led… je za pusice! 😈 Danes sem hladilnik z zmrzovalnikom izklopila (bemti), da se je led stalil, potem pa sem se na vso silo mahnila po nosu s predalom na vratih, ledu pa nimam … 😥 Še zdaj boli. Nič, grem do konca spucat, vklopit, mogoče pa bo danes zvečer kaj leda …

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