In Savonlinna

I bought a red dress at h und m. We ate vegetable soup in Punkaharju after the hike in Parikkala.


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  • Kaneli

    Super, uživajta! Jaz imam pa modrostne zobe že shranjene v kozarčku…

  • Sartenada

    I am curious to know, if You ever visited in my home town Mikkeli? When You were in Lappeenranta the distance to Mikkeli was 103 km, when in Savonlinna, You were closer.

    This is how Mikkeli is:

    Mikkeli in winter

    Mikkeli in summer

    Small town, but full of “wonders”. This month there will be two posts from Mikkeli.

    Happy travel!

    • alcessa

      Funny thing is, we saw the road sign “Mikkeli” very often when driving around … You know, we searched for the ABC in Savonlinna and if I remember correctly, we saw the sign pointing towards Mikkeli there … it’s the same direction as the campsite, isn’t it?
      So – next time, we are going to do it.

      I already saw your photos – they are great (and I cannot wait for more – see, I REALLY like Finland)! I especially liked the ones with winter roads on ice, I’d love to walk under a bridge I may have been paddling through in the summer 🙂 Have you been to Punkaharju yet? We like it so much we spend a few days there every year …

  • Sartenada

    Thank You. Yes, I have been in Punkaharju – beautiful, but over appreciated. On the way from Lappeenranta to Mikkeli there is more beautiful road (my opinion). Here:

    Pistohiekka – Scenery road.

    This week we made a cruise to Astuvansalmi where are rock paintings. The cruise from Mikkeli is unique. Maybe You sometimes make it also. From this cruise my post will be sometimes during autumn.

    My posts:

    Pistohiekka – Scenery road

    Walking to rock paintings:

    Rock paintings

    Happy travel!

    • alcessa

      Oh, your rock paintings are so … visible 🙂 We paddled to Vierunvuori on Kolovesi to see those and never managed to see them – twice in two years! 😆

      And Pistohiekka looks great, too.

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