Sand Sculptures In Lappeenranta

The largest sandcastle in Finland can be admired in Lappeenranta for the tenth time now. This year, the topic is Kalevalathe Finnish mythological history in form of epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot.

You can have a look at the gallery here, I’ll just show you the scenes I liked the most …






2 responses to “Sand Sculptures In Lappeenranta

  • Sartenada

    Great photos. I do love them!

    I visit ever summer in Lappeenranta and admire those sand sculptures. My post from this summer’s happening will be published on Friday the ninth in August although it is made ready. That’s why because next Friday there will be Tall ships in Helsinki.

    Maybe You are interested in my previous year’s photos:

    Sand Statues.

    Have a great day!

    • alcessa

      Kiitos – they are also great sculptures so the work was easy … 🙂 There were also other things I liked in Lappenranta, like the fortress and its museums and exhibitions, but the sandcastle is really special.

      I can hardly wait for your photos.

      Now, let’s have a look at the previous year …

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