What’s it called? OOTD, aint it. Well, here’s my OOTD Nr. 1.

People of the Blogoverse, since most of you aren’t doing anything worth blogging or so it seems, I decided to singlemousedly entertain you. So let me be your One Woman Bends it. The Truth, to Confuse the Prism. And the fabric of the universe. A few micrometers of it. Right at my left elbow.

– – –

I’m sure you think working-at-home freelancers have beards, smelly feet, faux pregnancy symptoms (aka as fat) and are farting and wearing pyjamas all the time.

Well, I don’t. I am not. I mean, yes, there is the moustache and the way my hips will hit objects when finally getting up from my chair, but …

Anyway, unlike you, I haven’t had much summer this year. First, Germany was collaborating in a project run by world-famous meteorologists (aka weather frogs) called “Simulation of Ice Age In A Prosperous Environment”. So we heated in May and froze most of the June because it is not very ecological to heat in June, even though it IS cold.

In July, hubby and me went to freeze in Scandinavia.

We might have a warmish August now, I remember 2 nights that were too hot to sleep, but most of this late summer has been … undecided. Also, I have to work and don’t notice the weather most of the time (OY – I can hear you sigh of relief. Just wait till you’re 40. you’ll be wanting to talk about weather all the time, too. I promise 👿 ).

Anyway: when I saw it was going to be rather warm and dry this evening, I decided to try out some things I may not have another opportunity to:

In a nutshell, this is what I wore to our local supermarket today, to schlepp food and drinks in:


Now, if you’ve just sighed “Oh, I remember those sandals.” then

a) you are a woman

b) you are truer to this blog than can be good for you.

Oh and, since things get lost in translation: I had the lowest neckline and the highest heels in the whole supermarket and you can’t see the moustache because that’s where the photo ends.

(OOTD? Outfit of the day, of course. Nothing men like you should memorize.)

7 responses to “What’s it called? OOTD, aint it. Well, here’s my OOTD Nr. 1.

  • kitty

    Yeah, you definitely aren’t 40 yet 😉

    • alcessa

      Well, no, dressing up once to be the hottest … housewife in the supermarket does not do away with age …

      Unfortunately, the question why I really needed it is not really interesting … (I haven’t worn those sandals since 2010, when I had bought them + I had re-fashioned the blouse and wanted to check if everything’s OK 😳 )

  • jana zf

    Love the colours and the sandals, of course! 🙂

    Regarding OOTD or shopping outfit, I currently have another “problem” – last day I totally surprised myself and headed out the door in my old cotton pants (yes, holes included), large t-shirt, greasy hair included – not blinking for one split second. Just didn’t care … (probably because I don’t have any cool outfit to wear at this stage and oh, yes, it was in between some annoying fake contractions :-/)

  • Nika

    I need to see the moustache, that would be the funniest thing ever! A veš, jaz sem se pa čeveljcev prav zares takoj spomnila… ja, itak… ni vedno dobro zame…

    • alcessa

      😆 beware of the moose with those shoez 🙂

      ravno sem … inbetween 2 moustaches, ko bodo dovolj zrasli, žih nardim sliko in objavim.

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