A Tough Decision

“I did it, today.”

“You canceled your French course already?”

“Yep. I’ve also found a few books for solitary learners, but I’ll buy one later. First, I want to memorize the dictionary.”

“The dictionary? 😯 You want to memorize a French dictionary?”

“Nooooooo! 😆 You know, the small one with all the lovely pictures and photos! After the exam, I’ll do some serious work, if I have time. But for now, it is studies first.”



4 responses to “A Tough Decision

  • Sartenada

    When I started to read French books by using dictionary, it was totally worn out and full of underlining. Tough decision to You, I think.

    • alcessa

      So you learnt by yourself, too? 🙂 And you think French is beautiful, too?

      The biggest problem for me will be to find enough time regularly and just learn. I can read some simple books and I often do, but I do it in bed and dictionaries are too heavy to be read in bed … Well, the picture dictionary I want to learn from isn’t, so maybe … (I started and stopped before holiday, maybe I can start again).

  • jana zf

    Oh my, so it’s not le Petit Robert? 😉 I strongly advise against reading with a dictionary, but do read as much as possible. Books are great, but if you don’t have time, shorter articles are great, too, and you chose a couple of words per article that you check and try to learn, but Im sure more will stick with you unknowingly … oh, and podcasts! I absolutely love Les p’tits bateaux on France Inter (http://www.franceinter.fr/emission-les-ptits-bateaux) – interesting questions – yes, by kids! – and simple and understandable French. I think your French won’t suffer (also looking at what you’re currently reading! ;)).

    • alcessa

      Sometimes, I do need a dictionary, but usually I try to guess the meaning or just ignore unknown words … I am also reading a French book on economy I bought at the Science Museum in Paris and there are a few articles on “croissance” in there. While I was sure I understood the concept, I was also irritated because the word reminded me too much of something to do with “belief”, so I had to check it up, just to make sure. And last night I remembered genou is a body part but didn’t know which and couldn’t guess because of the tiny context. So, sometimes I get out of the bed and check things up, just to sleep better. 🙂

      All these translations of rather “simple” novels (am not an Ahern fan) are good to read: you can understand just about enough to carry on and learn (that’s how I learnt German, too, back in the 80s). That’s all I need, actually, the feeling of progress being made.

      Thank you for the link, will check it as soon as I can 🙂

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