23 to go.

This day used to be sooo important to me 🙂 It meant the beginning of a new school year, new books (often used, but still new), being with old school friends … 🙂

Well, I am still going to school, sort of, and today I did my maths for what it’s worth … only to end up tired and happy. 23 days to go and then the exam.

During one of the breaks I read the brand new Plan magazine and had to realize once again what a goddamn luxury it is to get married at 29, be able to decide against children for no spectacular reason and to study. For the 3rd time. 😯 Sheer luxury.

In Finland I saw a young Russian couple: she made the breakfast, laid the table and cleaned away everything afterwards, every morning. So I guess it is sheer luxury to have a husband who is man enough to simply do a part of our chores, without blinking or thinking whether this is appropriate or not. And to cook heavenly noodles on Sunday? Priceless, innit? 🙂 Since we all know that being natural about tasks and simply doing them is … well: not natural.


My “goddaughter” from Rajahstan is 13 and only now going to school and she loves maths, too. I wonder whether she really likes it at school and how it will feel to have to end her schooling at, I don’t know: 15? This being the marriageable age in so many parts of the world? I hope she gets to read a few books in her life, if she wants, too, of course. Maybe you actually hate books if your life’s too strenuous in comparison to most of them. And the beautiful life TV offers is easier to enjoy, anyway. I don’t know.

I just know that I feel like I am sitting in the very lap of luxury today.

So I decided to donate money to a girl schooling project: the points I get in the exam in euros. For every exam I am going to sit during my studies. It won’t be much, especially this time (maths!), but it feels right in a symbolical way.

You may or may not have guessed by now that I am sort of angry with this world, again.

I sold some trinkets at an online auction house, only to be threatened and treated like shit, and having to face the prospect of never seeing my money. Because, you know, Germany is such a poor country you need to fleece anyone you can lay your mouse on. It makes me want to puke. Golf-playing dentists taking their time and trying out their equipment because you’re paying yourself want to make me make me want to puke even more. Neighbors saying shit like “This is not Africa” to other neighbors because they decided to dispose of some old wall parts via their balcony make me want to puke the hardest. It was an old man (white!), his hands shaking uncontrollably while he was standing on that goddamn lawn, watching out, so that pieces of styrofoam or some light shit like that won’t fly away. Sad, wise eyes and a tired, mild voice. Damn, do I hate those self-satisfied voices telling you what the right behavior is supposed to be, according to their daily with the big 4 letters. Damn pukeable.

Oh, did I say puke four times already? That’s because I don’t have a bowl huge enough to really puke, so I have to do it verbally. I’m sorry: this is something that happens to moose and their kind. Also: it is not contagious and NO, I do NOT intend to make your Sunday KAPUTT.

So let’s have some good news instead:

A few days ago I discovered a new way of wearing jewelry: the so-called chunks. It is a system, sort of, where you have a base ring or a pendant and you attach a lovely press button to it. Right now, I only have one specially decorated press button I got myself at Etsy (the blue one with water design below), but its maker, Mrs Evelien Pauw, sent me some of her special “paper poppers” last week. I can hardly wait to get them!


Maybe you’ve seen these things before? Well, I love them. 🙂

– – –

Don’t know how much I’ll be blogging these days but I am here, definitely. Just puking err: studying a lot.

6 responses to “23 to go.

  • jana zf

    Where do you find such gems – really nice jewelry! 🙂
    Sorry for the real world, sometimes (all too often) it really sucks (regardless of the country, culture …).

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the next 22 days! (no, still have nothing else to do…)

    • alcessa

      It was by sheer coincidence that I found them and now I am sold 🙂

      Yeah, real world doth sucketh too much :-), it’s just that most days, the integrated personal function “Ignore/Gloss over” works and then it suddenly doesn’t. I do know already that this world is going to hell because of stupid and greedy people, but I sometimes forget I am an adult now and shouldn’t feel such acute need to puke …

      Oooo … that’s nice: your baby must be waiting for my exam, too, and keeping its fingers crossed 🙂 (THX).

  • Nina

    Jaz res verjamem, da ti bo tale izpit res dobro uspel. Dobra dela so super motivacija 😀

    • alcessa

      Evo, ravnokar (oz. malce prej) sem pomislila nate … Nekomu sem rekla, ja, bom prevedla, pa sem šele danes pogruntala, da gre za računovodsko priporočila, v nemščino. No, nekatere izraze zdaj poznam, večinoma pa iščem ko nora 😀 Jao, in to me še čaka (med študijem). Sem si rekla, znati te zadeve je kul, ni treba tako divje in hitro in veliko iskati …

      Poleg tega sem nate pomislila tudi v nedeljo, ker sem se namreč bila vprašala, ali matematiko inštruiraš zato, ker je to čisto enak fajn občutek kot pri meni, ko nekaj poštekam. Ordnung. Red. Peace of Numbers. Številke, ki pašejo. 🙂 Ti pa lahko že zdaj povem, kaj me bo stalo največ minus točk na izpitu: površnost pri uporabi najosnovnejših matematičnih prijemov. Odvodi so mala malca, ma pravilen zapis plusov in minusov pri prenosu števil čez enačaj? Ti mi kar padajo z losjih tac pod mizo, da jih ne vidim 😀

      • Nina

        Računovodstvo je meni kar strašljivo, priznam 😉 Ampak izraze pa kar poznam, ja 😀
        Matematiko sem pa inštruirala, ker so me prosili 😀 Simpl razlaga, ane 😀 In točno poznam tele prenose plusov in minusov naokrog 😀 Ampak šele pri neenačbah postane to res … zabavno? 😀

  • Techka

    🙂 Vse bo še dobro, ker si si zadala lep cilj… Upam, da dosežeš čim več točk. Bom držala pesti…

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