A Quickie, if there ever was one

I don’t know: maybe some of you will remember the boat hull we had ordered back in April, because we wanted to go kayaking and not canoeing this summer?

Well, it arrived today. I’d love to spread some more irony about the timing and the speed of work in Poland, the problem is: it is simply magnificent. 😀

Beautiful, practical, looks robust and everything.

So, obviously, we need to go paddling next weekend, if only to find out whether the new hull will fit the old wooden construction. Common, Sun, it’s your turn to … turn it up a bit, too.

6 responses to “A Quickie, if there ever was one

  • jana zf

    🙂 Enjoy! And don’t forget to post about the outcome!

    • alcessa

      So you’d like to come, too (floating on the water, pushing your hand through it and thinking about the meaning of life and all the fish and then your baby says: Oh, I want to see that, too)?

      • jana zf

        I would try anything at this point, yes! 🙂 Water is supposed to work miracles (buy my long hot bath a few days ago does not confirm anything… )
        But I’m happy I managed to do a few short rowing circles while on holidays, really wonderful feeling (despite/even more so with all weird looks from passers-by at my at-that-time-already-huge belly ;)).

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