A Blast From The Past

“Can I somehow help you?”

“Yyyyes?” I blush. “I’d like a photo of my dragon earring. You know, for later. So that when I am 80, I’ll find this photo and say to myself ‘Gee, I used to wear a dragon ear cuff when I was 40. Blimey.”

“Well yeah, that’s a good idea. Right then … here you go.” He smiles kindly and I sort of blush again. I am quite sure I am not supposed to talk like that, but there you go. Gosh.


(7 days to go)

4 responses to “A Blast From The Past

  • walkingthecat

    I love dragons! And the earring! Would you share where you bought it? I have just under three months to go until the big 4-O myself — we could form a dragonlady club.

    • alcessa

      Yeah, it was an eBay found, but I guess if you use search terms like “ear cuff dragon / Ohrklammer” or other languages, you might find them somewhere else, too.

      A dragonlady club 😀 You need to be able to look sharp and dangerous from time to time for that, no? Because I always look so meek and laugh a lot … 🙂 But I do love my dragon (as one can discern from the not-so-hidden vanity above), so: welcome to the club! 🙂

      OH, AND: I’ve 3 months to go before I’m 41. 🙂

  • marushka

    Oh, hud! Vidim, da ni treba nujno imeti preluknjanih ušes, tako da bom verjetno še naslednje pol ure gledala ponudbo. 😀

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