Another One. Blast From The Past. No: make that 2.

10 years ago … I finished my studies in Tübingen. Now, don’t worry: I am not going to impose ALL of my memories on you from now on – this one’s relevant for my present, too.

So, Tübingen … While I didn’t exactly live there and had to travel by train AND by bus to/from the tiny Swabian place we lived at back then, I still got to see a lot of Tübingen, at least that’s what I thought till I had to find out where Morgenstelle is. Last week.

Morgenstelle is a complex of university buildings, among others, having to do with natural sciences, more or less, and it’s not exactly near the centre of the town. Not at all.

And that’s where my economy exam is taking place next week.

Well, it’s never too late to learn something new.

– – –

Last night, after not having been able to study any more, I delved deeply into my French Outlander and I loved every second of it. What a pleasure to have a reader with a dictionary and to understand most of the things because you’ve read the book in English some time ago, but also to discover “new” things because you’ve forgotten them. Diana Gabaldon’s series is quite huge, you know. And I found out I really do know what mamelons, seins and hanches are … 😳


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