Oh, the Exam. Well …

I screwed up.

Not as: I had learned a lot and could answer all the questions, but I have doubts whether that’s enough (aka the diligent girl’s problem).


It’s ‘I screwed up’ as in: I hadn’t learned enough so I couldn’t answer too many questions and I may not have reached the required 50% (aka as the lazy girl’s problem).

Which would be great cause I could re-sit the exam then.

Yes, I’d love to learn the stuff once more, I like it. Who wants to pass with 51%? 😯

Oh, and: I wasn’t able to solve exercises about a thing called “price elasticity of demand”, even though I had studied it and I definitely know what it is. I had even seen the ways it works in the Science Museum in Paris …

So, since I was searching for a formula to use it for my self-made popper, I am going to use this one:




4 responses to “Oh, the Exam. Well …

  • Sartenada

    For me, this formula is a mystery. I never needed to use anything like this in my life.

    • alcessa

      Well, to be quite honest, neither do I. 🙂
      I needed to pass this economy exam to be able to continue with my law studies and while preparing for it I did learn a lot about economy and also mathematics, but forgot most maths during the exam, which is a pity, because I had enjoyed learning it.
      And I am only doing all this to be a better translator and because I am interested in many topics offered in this course of study, but it is highly unlikely I am ever going to need any of the formulas I had tried to learn …

  • jana zf

    Agree about the 51 % but, till you get the results you can still hope, right? And I think you tend to be quite a perfectionist, so …

    • alcessa

      Well, what if people on the other side (aka exam compilers) are even more perfectionist? 🙂
      Actually, this is a win-win: if I pass, I am going to concentrate on the Civil Law course and if not, I wouldn’t mind learning once more. I am going to need it later, it’s fun once you finally get to understand most things and I have already learned a lot – but not things that were asked in the exam 🙂 Since I haven’t answered quite a few questions, my chances are slim, surely I have also made some mistakes, but that’s OK.

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