Vegetarians Do It Better

You  know, stuff like chocolate goo:


I relied heavily on a recipe posted by my favourite Green Giraffe, but I had to adapt it for 2 reasons: a) I didn’t have enough cashews and b) I didn’t want the two parts (base and topping), one is enough.

After all, I don’t really appreciate chocolate.

So stuff I half-heartedly but thoroughly mixed together and left in the fridge overnight was:

1 cup cashews + 1 cup almond meal
2 cups coconut (dessicated)
1 scant cup cocoa
24 dates
1/2 cup warm water (because my food processor threatened to sue me for having to grind so hard)
1/2 cup maple syrup + some additional honey
2 heaped spoons coconut oil
a pinch of vanilla, some grated orange peel

Don’t know why, maybe because this fudge is almost paleo 😉 and/or almost vegan (and certainly without gluten (thx Džubox)) – but boy: am I loving it! Send me a rescue team or I’ll breathe it in within the next few hours …


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