Hottest Pentecost Monday Ever? Beer is the answer. That and good music. Also: OOTD 5.

37,4. Degrees Celsius. Yesterday, in Karlsruhe.

We loved it.

Also the fact that so many people preferred to stay at home.

My husband hiding behind his darkest sunglasses and a Panama hat and me showing so much cleavage I had to carry a formal license in my bag…

Beer. Did I mention the beer? The many small quantities of porter?

OK, OK, let me concentrate a bit…

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the Hoepfner festival of beer and music and it was good. Groovy.

“I can’t believe anyone’s playing Dire Straits and Pink Floyd nowadays,” I sincerely wondered, “do you think all these youngsters can identify them?”

“Hmmm…” was his answer.

Early in the evening, Karlsruhe was nice: it is not a beautiful city, generally, to much construction work taking place, like, everywhere, but the part we went for a walk in after the concert was nice. Cosy.


Mmmmmm. Loving it!

Oh, and: OOTD5? Why not:


6 responses to “Hottest Pentecost Monday Ever? Beer is the answer. That and good music. Also: OOTD 5.

  • jana zf

    maxi skirt? nice pattern … steaming hot here as well 🙂 love it!

    • alcessa

      Yes, it is. Right now, the heat is OK, I was much worried we might get a lousy, cold summer, somehow, that would have been worse.
      One of the reasons summer is so great is the smell: we went hiking on Sunday and there were many pines along the way, their needles exuding that lovely smell … just like being at the seaside but not having to lie around decoratively among other sardines … 😀

      • jana zf

        The smell of pines, yes! Though the great blue does add up to an even more perfect experience (minus the sardines, there’s always a way to avoid them, I think – will report later, this year we’re staying fairly in civilisation for our vacation, we’ll see about that…)

        • alcessa

          You are right, one should never misunderestimate 🙂 the great blue, except in certain cases … I enjoy nature most if I can move in it. A lot. I do like swimming but would find it boring day by day, without any other aim or destination to reach. So the only way for me to like pines and water is paddling 🙂

  • jana zf

    Oh and we listen to Dire Straits and Pink Floyd a lot (mostly on the long drives in the car)!

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