Roskilde: In Fluctu Amor.

“You know, I think our 500 kroner banknote doesn’t look like the money we’ve received in exchange so far. Could be the Danes have introduced a new design.”

“You must be right. Maybe you could simply try to pay our entrance fee with it and see how they react?”

The nice guy at the entrance to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde simply takes our money in return for our tickets. Phew.

Yes, we’ve treated Denmark badly in most of our holidays: as a transit country to be managed in the swiftest way possible and paid by credit cards, which is why we still had that old kroner banknote at home: there were times we decided to see what’s to be seen and to pay our way with real money.  Like the year we were getting married and spent some time in Copenhagen area right before the short ceremony on the shores of the Baltic sea, so to speak.

After having rowed and sailed a replica of an old Viking ship once more, after the lovely Viking salad and local organic beer, we realized, just like the last time, we needed to come here again and repeat the beautiful experience. Maybe we could also put in some hiking next time, without the huge rucksack? And Swedish rain?












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