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So once upon the time there was this trendy query doing the rounds and you spent your time musing about the question whether sound exists if a tree falls in Siberia and there was no noone around to hear it …

To tell you the truth Nr. 1: I think this is a stupid question. When a tree falls, it causes mechanical waves which spread around and can, could be heard. The fact that NOONE perceptive enough was around doesn’t matter. Now, if there was NOTHING around our waves could use to vibrate in (like air or water), that would have mattered, wouldn’t it. After all, our Siberian tree sound needs a medium to spread in to be heard.

Entering the centre I realize again I appreciate the small town we’ve moved to 9 years ago, even though I seldom visit it, due to so much work carried out in my outskirts’ home. I hardly know the town and its inhabitants. It doesn’t bother me too much.

So yes, it says in my ID card this is my place of residence, I pay taxes and fees to the authorities craving them and when asked I say I live here. Quite a number of traces, don’t you think.

But do I live here?

If a town and its residents could be considered a medium, have they felt the impact of my existence? Have I tried to spread the waves of my existence in this medium, other than public records visible to the appropriate authorities? Trying to get heard, seen or felt to other people?

Not much.

I do exist, but do  I live here?

Well, I don’t think this matters to me. I do care about the places we went hiking, though, and it always feels as if we left a trace there. Everywhere we went.

Jep, priorities are a funny thing. Truth Nr. 2.

2 responses to “For the lexicon

  • jana zf

    Food for thought, indeed … but to me it seems you’ve got your priorities set and that’s perfect! 🙂 (however, I am quite sure there are traces even if you’re not totally aware of them… unless you really wanted a monument or plate of honour or the like 😉 and its never too late for something like that either :-D)

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