Uplistsikhe, but not Stalin.

“It depends on what you like.”

The nice American willing to share his taxi with us is grinning like hell.

“So what’s your job?!?” My flat joke lands on the floor of the old car and freezes there.

“Did we learn anything useful in the museum? No, we didn’t. Many texts and photos, but nothing interesting, no criticism. Now, the cave city, that’s a thing to see! Beautiful and interesting – I’d go there again any time.”

His friendly Thai wife is nicking.

“But Stalin museum? Loss of time.”

So we skipped the Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori and visited the nearby cave city in Uplistsikhe instead. It has been there since the Bronze Age and was used by different people for different purposes. Our American acquaintance was right: it’s really great.

2_cave city

2_cave 2


2_cave 3





2 responses to “Uplistsikhe, but not Stalin.

  • jana zf

    Zgleda noro lepo … kot z enega drugega planeta (izvzemši onole cerkvico(?)).

    • alcessa

      Cerkev: 9.-10. stoletje 🙂 Vstop ženskam dovoljen samo v dolgem krilu in z naglavno ruto. 🙂

      Nekaj časa so imeli na tem ozemlju tudi veliko baziliko. Pa gledališče, lekarno, vinsko klet … (moje prvo jamsko mesto, zato toliko večje navdušenje 🙂 )

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