Favourite Album in 2014

Einstürzende Neubauten: Lament.


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  • dustUP

    I’ve heard it the other day as well and liked it. It sounds a lot like black comedy. Brilliant.

  • dustUP

    They will play in Utrecht in 2 weeks but I think I can’t go then, so I was hoping that they will play in Hamburg, but no such luck. Maybe you can catch them?

  • dustUP

    Age? You are only a year older than me = young. Attire? How can anybody stick out if 30% of the audience are old laughable grufties and remaining 70% people like us? People in their 20’s don’t care about EN, maybe some in their 30’s are familiar with them. This is a perfect geriatric gig!

    • alcessa

      😆 … Yes, I somehow assumed you wouldn’t let me get off with this lame excuse 😀
      OK. I don’t do concerts because on the list of general priorities, they have sunk so low I only go to one if it is happening in Karlsruhe, I am not tired and my husband wants to come, too, because otherwise I’d have to go alone.
      The nearest geriatric (LOL) EN gig would be in München, which is OK, but also time consuming and expensive.

      • dustUP

        I tried!
        It’ll turn out pricy, that’s true, and Germany is much bigger that NL so you can’t just hop over to nearest big city without car etc.. Nema veze , we’ll admire it from distance.
        See ya around!

        • alcessa

          You know what makes Germany even bigger these days? Regular and huge highway traffic congestions and regular Deutsche Bahn strikes, going on for days and for all trains … This physics of expanding the fourth dimension (and with it seemingly also the other three dimensions) of a country never fails to amaze me.

          Najs traj in hvala!

  • Irena Van Kampen - Žagar

    Ravno včeraj zelo pohvalen članek v dnevniku de Volkskrant! Kul, was?

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