Got me.

So that’s … well yes. Of course. While pushing my freshly shaved legs into the shiny new leggings – this being our date night – I wonder how come some realizations come to me so late in life. (At 41, yes) See, today I realized I have a mind of an urban person and a body fit only for rural life. While most people would tell me this is a chance, I think this is a problem. Where do I find a village with sufficient proximity to the Black Forest, Vosges and Palatinate AND people preferring urban ways of thinking? Like, not batting an eyelid while I do 90% of my shopping online and have it delivered regularly. Because I am too busy. Too busy also to look like one of those expensive Tatort wives … On the other hand: often, I know nothing. Maybe such places exist.

4 responses to “Got me.

  • Irena Van Kampen - Žagar

    I know the dilemma. Happy to have the Amsterdam forest nearby. And 3 square meters of a garden.

    • alcessa

      Yes, the size (of green surfaces) does not matter in this case, but … we live in a tiny town and there’s grass all around us. There’s also highway hum all around us and I cannot let any plants absorb the highway dust and then eat them … so not good 🙂 Also, even though I am from Over-Mura 🙂 : I need hills! 🙂

  • janazf

    In the last 8 days, I had 4 parcels delivered by the postman … must think I never leave my place 😉
    Luckily we have some hills around and some fresh air, as well (when it’s not that time in the lunar/agricultural phase when farmers get rid of the manure/sludge on every f*** possible area of land …). And I do go out, lately proudly conquering some of those hills, too (running I mean) 😉
    PS: But I absolutely avoid speaking to anyone! Anyone at anytime!

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