“You know, I don’t want to sound paranoid or anything, but I’d really prefer to be properly equipped. I know I shouldn’t be reading all those local newspapers and I know I have no idea what real life is like outside my home office, but I’d still like to cling to something promising safety when travelling at night. Just to feel better. Even the police admit the crime rates in our region have risen beyond their worst expectations.”

“OK, I’ll take care of that.”

Which is why I can travel to my late evening law courses in Karlsruhe by train and afoot and hope noone is going to even attempt anything unlawful, because my face says it all. I am carrying a legal means of self-defense. Also a 10-year-old mobile phone absolutely not worth stealing and 10 euros or so. I don’t do smartphones or cash or expensive jewellery, not even credit cards at night, but how am I going to communicate that to potential attackers before it is too late?

After all, I’ve seen some people tear down the walls between “mine” and “yours” in my life and I am not too keen to repeat the situation. There comes a moment when enough is enough.

Surely my face says that, too, and nothing’s ever going to happen 🙂



2 responses to “Well.

  • janazf

    Mene je mož dolgo prepričeval, da bi morala iti vsaj na osnovni tečaj samoobrambe … zdaj je vesel, ker ve, da vsaj tečem lahko 😉

    • alcessa

      Prijateljica Seškova mi je enkrat pripovedovala, da jo je nek tip v botaničnem vrtu skoraj posilil in da je v trenutku napada pozabila ves svoj karate in se mu komaj iztrgala… Meni je res enkrat uspelo steči stran (na poti mimo hotela … hmmm, tista grdoba tam nekje nasproti Ilirije), ko me je zagrabil en zblojenec, pozno zvečer … vseeno tudi jaz načrtujem tečaj samoobrambe. Ja, znat laufat je najbrž dobra rešitev 🙂

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