From a letter to my future self:

“… You also stopped pulling out your hair frost aka grey hair in 2015. You decided there were now too many of them wisdom proofs, though still not really that many, and you didn’t have time to spend in front of the mirror. You decided dyeing wasn’t going to happen.

That same year, you also went on trying to grow your hair longer. For no reason you can define or analyse, you had decided back in 2014 you wanted a bob and your hair had decided it was high time for some new density and shine. Whatever.

You didn’t have enough time to go to your beloved Hairkiller’s anyway.

Another good decision? You decided to buy a few of the Discworld novels in English every year, starting with 7 books this March. You both love the German translations so much you have never thought of reading all of the original Terry, but then you read Maskerade in the bathtub yesterday and you realized one can at least double the fun by reading the English books one hasn’t already read.

Dear Future Self, I hope you appreciate this investment.”


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