Getting Old In Style

Stuffing my face with peanut butter I realize I should memorize the occasion for the days I am not happy with the state of the world: How can anyone despair with a dollop of peanut butter in their hand and the ability to enjoy it? It is such a direct translation, almost perfect.

German Wurst Factories are adapting to modern times, I read, and are going to sell (even more) vegetarian … food.

Sausages, salami, cracklings, tripe … or so I imagine.

The world is going to reek of garlic and meat even more, then, all in the name of an exciting affair between Profit and Environment. Traditional dishes everywhere, no salad without vinegar because we are in Europe here, and the all-pervading sausage stench. Everywhere.

Meanwhile, German milk factories are causing the death of male calves because they are of no use. The calves. Now, their momma is good for giving milk only and for that she needs to give birth to calves regularly. Those are either female and thus prodigious milk sources, which translates as lucky, or they are male and can be worthless. And can end up dead: Dairy cows do not always a good meat source make.


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