My office art

As seen by my Galaxy: 20151122_220848-1

Jep, that’s a blackboard… And Hubby’s contribution on the right. Till something else comes up 🙂 this is my office work of art.

4 responses to “My office art

  • janazf

    Forget Galaxy! I want a blackboard like that!! 🙂 Like!

  • janazf

    I have a whiteboard sticker on one of our walls (misued by kids by now, yes) because I though the chalk would leave too much residue … does it? I would prefer proper board in my soon to be exclusive work area 🙂 have to pull myself together and get some things in order. Thanks for giving me additional motivation

    • alcessa

      Not that I’ve noticed anything of the kind, no. I simply use wet handkerchiefs for wiping and throw them away afterwards. I also have a blackboard sticker (but not on the wall) for writing down passwords and replacing them by new when necessary – quite useful.

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