In case you wondered: yes, been working hard these days.

Which is why I am so damn angry at the notorious online power seller: They screwed up a birthday present for a person I appreciate too much to give junk to and now I have no present and probably not enough time to travel to the nearest town and buy one. Also: I wanted him to get exactly what I had ordered. Damn. Damn. Time to search for other big river sellers, anyway.

Am never ever going to buy anything expensive made by a famous Alsacian cast iron cookware producers – I hate them.

Edit: Let’s see whether their friends from Picardy are any better.

Gosh, how I hate online shopping!

Edit 2: Turns out the Picardian competitors know how to do business properly and make desperate housewives from Badenwood happy. Not to self: buy only books and DVDs at the power seller’s and everything else everywhere else.

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