Happy Moose: Week 1/2016

My happiness during Week 1/2016 could be described in one sentence only: My husband didn’t go to work last week.

How cheesy of me, right?

In fact, it gets even worse: even though I worked Monday to Sunday last week, I had somehow managed to relax and regain much needed strength and vitality during the Xmas holidays, so the work was quite a pleasure, too.

I know, I know.

To make you feel better: my New Year’s Eve was as exciting as it gets. At least it was spent in a small group and noone felt the need to grope my private parts. For the record: I hate hangry young men.

But since we’ll be talking happiness here: my husband didn’t go to work last week. I had a week of much-loved manliness just for me to enjoy and adore.

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