Happy Moose: Week 4/2016

Been watching Battlestar Galactica again (this must be what … our third time?)
Now I can also follow the actors via Twitter; turns out it was definitely worth joining.

Am not gonna bother you too much with my love for all things Galactica: If you haven’t yet, you should see it soon. Or maybe not: The knowledge I am never ever going to watch a better series can be crushing sometimes 🙂

Last week I also went and searched for any new Galactica merchandize … only to find a website selling multitudes of scarves with various motives. Like: abstract paintings. 23.600 different ones, to be precize. That crushed me, too, but I did find one I bought straight away. My first one.
Just don’t go looking for “your favorite motive + scarves”. You might get wish-and-money-related  problems, too. 🙂 Frak!

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