Happy Moose: Week 6/2016


That’s right… doing pushups puts a smile on my face these days.





7 responses to “Happy Moose: Week 6/2016

  • Irena

    You need to see a therapist. 😀

  • janazf

    Omg, really? Already at 100 or approaching? Kudos … I think I can only pull up to 10 – on a good day 😉 but being/feeling strong sure is something to put a smile on your face! 😀 (I am at planks, pushups seem the next level ;))

    • alcessa

      Well no: it is a full programme that can be individualized, it is taking weeks (at least 6) and is aimed at being able to do 100 pushups in the end. I started out with 10 (it was a good day 🙂 ), but my husband says I am not doing them well enough, so I still have to work on my technique. The goal is to do the required sets of numbers 3 times a week and they have to be perfect (no bending of the back, almost reaching the floor is necessary). I did manage 12 + 13 + 10 + 10 + 15 yesterday, but of course only by taking a break between the sets (1,5 minutes) and screaming towards the end. My next goal is to learn the correct technique, test myself and continue with the Week 3 programme, which requires less pushups than mentioned here. And yes: your strength does increase from day 1 to day 2 and 3 and so on. So why not give it a try? 🙂 It is a brief, powerful and very useful exercise, as you know …

  • janazf

    Haha, I did try it, straight after reading your blog, mind you 😀 and I am a weak little creature – but desperate to get stronger! I have sore muscles today, of course, but nothings stops the brave ones, right? 😀 (Have to work on my posture, starting to get lower back pain which is definitely not yet an option I can accept!)

    • janazf

      Oh yes, and husbands just *have* to comment on the form, I guess it’s their ultimate duty and mission in life 😈 but for me pushups have always been the hardest of all the exercises and you need some strenght first before you can even focus on the form, the other way around just doesn’t work for me, it’s too f*** hard! 😤

      • alcessa

        Well, the lower back pain could really mean your back isn’t straight enough … I know mine comes from that source 🙂

        Normally, I always tell my husband I will do the things the way I want to, but often I also ask for advice and this was one of those times: I can’t seem to remember doing pushups in my previous life :-), so I wanted him to check my posture. On the other hand, pushups are really hard for me, so we cannot compare, he’s much better than me, and there’s not much else he can tell me to do. … Anyway, it turned out I needed to improve my posture and when I did that under supervision yesterday, I managed only a few. So I am back to square one and will be starting the program anew, to learn as much as I can.
        And yes: sore muscles … 🙂

        You go! (proud of you)

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