Happy Moose: Week 8/2016

Books. Week 8 was All About Books.

Tell me … do you have any of those pesky “Everyone’s bought them but noone’s read them” books at home? I know I do …

Like The Universe in a Nutshell. Guess what, I actually read it. It’s great.

Or Ulysses … as anyone who’s ever known a professor of English Literature will tell you, it’s a must. You simply have to read it if you care about literature. Guess what, I almost have. Almost meaning I stopped at 3/17, because I hated references I didn’t get. Frak me.

And then there’s The Selfish Gene.
Gotcha, right?!?!
Well, I am reading that one right now, after shelving it for years, and it is a wonderful read. I don’t care a frak whether the theory is 110% correct, all I need is statementes and terms to use for my own moosing and information search.

Poetry. Did I ever tell you about poetry? I even have a pic to prove it:



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