Happy Moose: Week 17/2016

After having patiently waited for a few months to reach sufficient lengths for my intended purpose, I have finally had my hair cut on Saturday. I am sOoOoOoooo happy now!









10 responses to “Happy Moose: Week 17/2016

  • tinazigon

    Whoa! That was a lot of hair! I like the new cut.

    • alcessa

      It was – and I didn’t like the feel of it 🙂 (was just waiting for the hair on the top to be long enough to have the same length everywhere after the cut – and almost succeeded)

      • tinazigon

        How long did it take you to grow it this long?

        • alcessa

          Err… Last July it was as long as it is now (chin length) and I didn’t have any haircut since then because I knew already it will end up in a bin 🙂

  • Techka

    A nisi bila ti vedno bolj kratkolaska?

    Sprememba med before in after je očitna… 😛

    Lepa frizura…

  • janazf

    Wow, look at all that hair! Cudos for patience! (I totally lack that – have been contemplating a cut for two weeks already (not even two months after the last one!) and it’s driving me crazy! Short hair gets too long too quickly!! )

  • janazf

    Looking good, btw! 😉

  • alcessa

    Thank you ladies 🙂

    Will have my hair cut more often now, too, but the non-cutting period was a task I imposed upon myself last year, because I wanted May to go off with a bang, knowing I’ll only be working till then. We have a few national holidays in May and June, the sun is shining occasionally, my law seminar starts on Saturday, so I may yet get out more and for that, a new hair is OK.

  • Nina

    Krasna frizura in lasje! 🙂 Jaz se od konca leta 2014 (pred potovanjem v eno meni najljubših mest na B 🙂 ) do začetka 2016 (pred potovanjem v eno meni najljubših mest na B 😉 ) nisem strigla in sem imela neko strašno idejo, da bodo z negovanjem vseeno videti lepi 😀 No, moji lasje so pač tanki in nežni in so bili videti kot šop slame 😛 😀

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