Happy Moose: Week 35/2016

“I have never done this before, we may invent new stuff and we could give them some respite.”

“… OK. Let’s do it.”

Which is how A Dairy-Free September was introduced into our household. As we don’t really eat faux meat or buy ready meals, I had to think hard from day one.

Last week, I was happy about my versions of hummus and chocolate ice cream and haven’t really worried about any lack of taste or adventure at all – in fact, let me show you how we (garlick resenters) do it:


And that’s only the visible part.

OK, so putting mustard into hummus was a bit … crafty. And yummy.


Tra-laaaaa! Coconut oil, date sirup, rice milk and cocoa do a lovely company make:



4 responses to “Happy Moose: Week 35/2016

  • tinazigon

    Have you tried (n)ice cream yet? It’s basically frozen bananas that you put in the blender and blend until they become super creamy. You can add different things for different flavors. So good!

    • alcessa

      Yes, I did a few times and I agree 🙂 Bananas are great.

      I don’t buy much ice cream, generally, but making it can be much fun: mostly it has special taste one could never buy and tasting real bananas in ice cream is something completely different from simple banana ice 🙂 (I know you know that … 🙂

  • janazf

    interesting! I am currently trying to cut (a bit) the sugars/carbs and favour proteins, but realize that I’m increasing the intake of dairy which I don’t like much, but protein breakfast works so much better for me than the good old oats … Oh, when did eating become so complicated?!

    • alcessa

      I crave proteins too. Now, my better half has found a source of organic pea protein, rice protein and hemp protein (in an online shop selling … muscle food? :-)). That’s my breakfast, every day (served with rice or oat milk), and I am loving it 🙂
      I think oats are better eaten in porridge than raw.

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