Kamuna 2017

We arrive at 6 pm and the line is already there. So poetry slam really is something people love, I realize, as much as we do, actually. Listening to excited chats around us I discover how lucky we were to get this possibility to be let in for the first round of poetry competitions. Free of charge on Kamuna Day.
Yes, I am ashamed we haven’t managed to attend any of the poetry slams in our region so far. And it’s not even the money … I guess it’s our village life. Village time.

An hour later a young poet from Karlsruhe, Ana, breaks my heart with her poem. I am of course willing to clap her to win, on the other hand, I don’t want to break any other sentient organs I might have left, so I am a bit relieved she is not the winner of the first battle, even though she is undoubtedly great.

My heart will go on, of course, but I don’t seem to be able to forget her poem for the rest of the KArlsruhe MUseumsNAcht 2017 – a splendid occasion and well worth our village time!

There were ironic, beautiful Black Forest design items competing with Men and Megafauna in the New World, there was wine and laughter and good food, the wonderful Schlosslichtspiele even managed to silence my thoughts for a while, but I still woke up with bits of that poem stuck in my brain the next day.

Am doing much better now.



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