“I don’t think I want to drive a car right now,” I am honest, once more. “And anyway, when you have to leave for work again, I won’t have a car anyway, so I do need to find out my personal means of occasional escape from the village in any case.”

“Yeah, I don’t think we should buy a second car,” he agrees.
“Nope! Life is busy enough as it were, so: let us not. But maybe I could … buy a moped? I know how to ride one, I learnt it as a child.” I did. Don’t ask.
“That could be a good idea … how about a pedelec? You could pedal it whenever you want to and if you needed to arrive somewhere unsweaty, you could let it ride you.”

“Oh wow, what a great idea! I could e-ride the 10 km to see my gynaecologist and then pedal back home, as a reward. And if things get rough, I can still call a taxi. Surely there are taxis to be had even in our tiny village?”

“I guess so.”

“Anyway, I love the idea of me being this High-Power Cycling Lady from the village! And till I buy the pedelec, I’ll just use my trusty Hipsterporsche…”

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