An elk/a moose is a lonely wolf, a wise owl, a bull in a china shop, a barking dog, a proud peacock.
Ein Elch geht auf keine Kuhhaut.
Nemo alcessa in patria
Los je los.
Varokaa hirviä!

Fact One: Of course it isn’t a coincidence that this blog is reigned by the King of the Northern Forests: Moose (Europe: elk) are shy animals, preferring dusk to daylight, but are also known to appear in your living room all of a sudden, drinking your whisky and boldly and/or shyly wasting your time. Surely you know it’s all because they also have communication needs, in spite of all the silent, lonely salad-munching going on in secret places that occupies most of their time. Our time.

Fact Two: All this knowledge about the Nature of Moose does not mean that this blog has ever had anything like reason, concept, style, topic or plan.

Fact Three: This blog is multilingual because its Moose is unable to use only one language: she definitely needs German to philosophize about the Meaning of Life, she needs her mother tongue, Slovenian, to be Honest, and she needs English to say all those Funny Things that need to be said and also to talk to some really fancy people out there. She is aware that she will occasionally put her hoof into it, grammatically or otherwise. But such is life.

Fact Four: Thus, the only constant you will ever find here will in reality be a most beautiful variable: change.

Fact Five: And no; I don’t know either where this blog or this world is going to…

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