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Kaj mi poje ptičica

Pozno ponoči prideva domov. Vas tiho molči, vsepovsod samo ptičja pesem.

A misliš, da so slavci?

Ne vem. Greva preverit na spletu?

Predvajava posnetek in prisluškujeva vasi.

Res so bili slavčki, kaj pa drugega.


La Forêt-Noire. Mon Amour.

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Happy Moose: Week 21/2016

One of the greatest things about living in a village is the sheer number of birds one gets to see day by day: obviously, birds like towns and cities too, nowadays, but a village still turns out to be something completely different.

On Saturday, I found out there’s a tit nesting under the roof of our porch 🙂


Purple Herons




Happy Moose: Week 14/2016

Last week was All About Merry.

As in: our fat balls finally started to attract hungry birds and I could enjoy their lively feeding rituals and complex socializing through my home office window every day.

On the whim, I decided to purchase two olive trees online – while they still have to be delivered, I am already enjoying the prospect of keeping a what is essentially a Mediterranean tree on what is essentially a Baden hothouse climate balcony.

That, and we laughed a lot last week. Mostly for silly reasons (aka Us Being Us), still.


Fulda, because why not.

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Bearable Brightness of Being


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Something Completely Different


Blogging Resumed


(The exam? Could have been passed. Let’s see.)


La dernière excursion – & OOTD



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