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La Forêt-Noire. Mon Amour.

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Kreativa pač.


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Greenery? Yes, please.


OOTD9: Party Time!

I must admit I don’t find the fact that we occasionally organize our own parties, just for the two of us, strange in any way. After all, it is nice to have a relaxed talk or a relaxing silence with someone you know while eating well, drinking merrily and wearing party clothes noone will comment upon because they get worn only for this purpose. Like really high heels: Continue reading

Happy Moose: Week 18/2016

What a Saturday! 😀

Spent in Karlsruhe studying Criminal Law in a tiny, tiny group (3 of us) with a great mentor. 

Reminded me how much I love to study and how much I like to study law. 8 hours passed like a few seconds.

Sunday Sun Session

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Fulda, because why not.

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My office art

As seen by my Galaxy: 20151122_220848-1

Jep, that’s a blackboard… And Hubby’s contribution on the right. Till something else comes up 🙂 this is my office work of art.

Guess We Should Be Ashamed

For binge-watching.

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See, if you

and I were to go hiking together, I’d make us an omelette afterwards.


Schwarzwald’s damn beautiful at this time of the year, BTW.