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Just Read It.

I know I will again.

Ker se ceni.


Ja no.

A Tough Decision

“I did it, today.”

“You canceled your French course already?”

“Yep. I’ve also found a few books for solitary learners, but I’ll buy one later. First, I want to memorize the dictionary.”

“The dictionary? 😯 You want to memorize a French dictionary?”

“Nooooooo! 😆 You know, the small one with all the lovely pictures and photos! After the exam, I’ll do some serious work, if I have time. But for now, it is studies first.”



So Bey

went and copied my pixie cut?

Well done, but may I also suggest the natural hair color? Because Miley does blonde better …

That Ends Well

“I want to go home. I hate it here.”

“OK, no problem. I do feel relaxed and fresh already, so we might just as well stop losing our way, avoiding occasional cars, ignoring forest facilities selling sausages on sausages with sausages and go home.”

“Yes, please. I hate hiking paths that aren’t marked or presented well enough. And us having returned to the starting point instead of having seen the Schillerwand is … stupid. Let’s have some of your noodles at home instead.”

I don’t think we are ever going to go hiking around Pirmasens again. But I did get nice photos of a most beautiful sandstone rock formation … the only one we encountered, though the brochure promised three. 🙄

V sredo pa lepo besedo

TALLINN je eno od najbolj prekrasnih, zanimivih in prijetnih mest, kar sem jih videla.

TALLINNA nisem videla zadnjič: zagotovo ne.

TALLINNU bom posvetila še kakšen zapis.

TALLINN sva obiskala za en dan kot pešca oz. potnika na trajektu iz Hensilkov.

Pri TALLINNU velikokrat pravzaprav ne veš, katero zgodovinsko obdobje te čaka za vogalom neke zgradbe.

S TALLINNOM sva se poslovila le s težkim srcem.


Because That’s What Real Fans Do, No?

Oh and: Hurley’s blogging, too 🙂

Goodbye, Knut …

Confused? Moi?

… OK, OK, I’ll just type these few lines, then I’ll translate the other document and then I am NOT going to do any more work for today. NOTHING. NADA. NIENTE. RIEN.

As it is, I am tired enough already.

(2 hours later)

OK, I am finished now. So, what now?

Well. Should I give up or should I just keep chasing payments?

Let’s just work some more. I’ve run out of ideas on how to spend my meagre free time in a nice way. There’s nothing I’d like to do right now, so the best thing would be to work on and wait for the inner change to come.

Kleingeschwätzeltes am Freitag / Petkove čvečkarije