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Cool For The Winter

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Jeben-i vezaj-i 2

Pa imam res dolgo lajtungo.

Če bi torej hotela, četudi ne vem, zakaj bi hotela, po najnovejši slovenski modi imena, ki se mi zdijo tuja, sklanjati z jeben-im vezaj-em, potem bi bila morala z jeben-im vezaj-em sklanjati druga imena, kot jih sklanjate v Sloveniji, ne da?

Kot dojčefurka je moja jasna dolžnost, da sanjam o:

Maraay-i, Maraay-inem uspehu, Raay-u in Marjetk-i, Severin-i, Pop Design-u (še pomnite?) itd.

nikakor pa ne morem vezaj-no razmišljati o:

Kseivierju Naiduju, Leni Johani Terezi Majer-Landrutovi itd.

Seveda ne.



So I found this German site where I can check how healthy my cosmetic products (& food and many more) are …

Now I can’t stop checking everything and throwing away creams containing parabens and stuff. Not that many of my favourite products are considered dangerous: since having become a product snob, I tend to buy organic cosmetics. Since my daily routine comprises toothpaste, 2 antiwrinkle creams and a deo (plus a shampoo, a conditioner and a shower gel a few times a week, obv), I can afford my snobbery more easily …

Še je upanje

Če torej …

… strokovna oseba napiše strokovno poročilo, v katerem priimke oseb na -ić sklanja z vezajem (Marković-a, Marković-ev … priimek je prosto izmišljen in služi samo kot primer), ravno tako pa tudi sklanja priimke oseb na -ič (Kovačič-ev, Kovačič-u, ravno tako čista izmišljotina) …

… mar to pomeni totalno nediskriminacijo na podlagi nacionalnosti?

In …

… ali bi naša strokovna osoba Kovačič-a sklanjala z vezaji tudi, če Marković-a in njemu podobnih ne bi bilo v poročilu sploh?


Getting Old In Style

Stuffing my face with peanut butter I realize I should memorize the occasion for the days I am not happy with the state of the world: How can anyone despair with a dollop of peanut butter in their hand and the ability to enjoy it? It is such a direct translation, almost perfect.

German Wurst Factories are adapting to modern times, I read, and are going to sell (even more) vegetarian … food.

Sausages, salami, cracklings, tripe … or so I imagine.

The world is going to reek of garlic and meat even more, then, all in the name of an exciting affair between Profit and Environment. Traditional dishes everywhere, no salad without vinegar because we are in Europe here, and the all-pervading sausage stench. Everywhere.

Meanwhile, German milk factories are causing the death of male calves because they are of no use. The calves. Now, their momma is good for giving milk only and for that she needs to give birth to calves regularly. Those are either female and thus prodigious milk sources, which translates as lucky, or they are male and can be worthless. And can end up dead: Dairy cows do not always a good meat source make.


Rural Art









Da ist wohl Vorsicht geboten / Vse kaže, da je potrebna previdnost

Wenn frau morgens, bevor sich das Radio einschaltet und SWR2 versucht, die Schlafenden zu wecken, aufwacht, nicht mehr schlafen kann und sich daher völlig unbeirrt den herum streunenden Gedanken überlässt, von denen die meisten mit der gerade anfangenden Woche zu tun haben und eher praktischer Natur sind, wenn sie also unter anderem recht lange alle ihren Maßnahmen durchgeht und sich fragt, was wohl passieren würde, wenn der PC plötzlich nicht mehr täte, nur um festzustellen, nachdem sie aufgestanden ist und sich den ersten Kaffee geholt hat, dass dem PC tatsächlich nach Kreppieren zumute ist, was würde denn das Universum dazu sagen, dass sie sonst, wenn sie nicht mehr schlafen kann, davon träumt, wie ihr Leben wohl nach einem saftigen Lottogewinn aussehen würde? Ha?!?

— 😯 … 🙄 … 😦

Če se zjutraj zbudi, še preden se vklopi budilka in klasična radijska postaja poskuša prebuditi še speče, če ne more več spati in se zato povsem brez upiranja prepusti mislim, ki brzijo naokrog, večina jih je povezanih s tednom, ki se šele začenja, in so povsem praktične narave, če torej precej dolgo časa razmišlja o vseh svojih ukrepih in se sprašuje, kaj bi se zgodilo, če se računalniku kar naenkrat ne bi dalo več, in če res ugotovi, potem ko je vstala in si prinesla prvo skodelico kave, da računalnik poskuša crkniti, kaj bi potem vesolje reklo na to, da sicer, kadar ne more več spati, sanja o tem, kako neki bi njeno življenje zgledalo po mastnem zadetku na loteriji? Ha?!?

It’s my life and I’ll study if I want to

As much as I was impatiently waiting for the Easter holidays to begin, it wasn’t to fool around, though I should have, really. You see, I am not allowed to, even though I am an atheist: it is officially forbidden to frolic and dance on Good Friday in Germany.

Well then, all work no joy being the requirement today, I made some gnocchi, for the very first time. They were quite OK: I prepared them in a clichéd way, with basil, olive oil and Parmesan. This being Baden, I also added some sour cream to the sauce and I put two thirds of the uncut dough into the fridge to be used later on.

Then I made some chocolate cream, to be devoured with strawberries. It was quite OK, too, but not really a pleasure … 😈

Then I skipped my beloved training (it being a great pleasure) and finally started reading my lecture notes. Which is when the big pleasure kicked in, despite all my efforts to avoid it.

I have only applied for an introductory course of study (the so called Propädeutikum) this semester and what I need to do now is practice the style of legal opinions, which I will start doing after having attended an appropriate course in Karlsruhe, and then to learn for my exam in September.

I still have doubts about my linguistic abilities reaching far enough for me to succeed in completing any of the courses, but then: doubt is good news. It means trying harder, which will be fun, like, as of tomorrow. 😈

All Caught Up And Ready To Watch

Moi: “D’you think we could, like, skip the groceries trip on Friday and do it on Saturday instead?”

Hubby: “Yeah, why not. Any special reason?”

Moi, with purple face: “I want to watch The Voice?” 😳

I kid you not: unable to stand the beginning of this damn January I rationally decided I needed some entertainment. And music’s always the best choice as far as I am concerned. Apart from workout. Cinema’s okay, too, but some cheesy pop is always good.

Yeah, so the talents competing for the title The Voice of Germany are usually singing songs I consciously try to avoid by listening to serious radio stations like SWR 2 or Deutschland Radio Kultur.

But where there’s suffering, there’s the way. So far and as you know by now, I have enjoyed Pamela & Percy a few times, I have also been checking Percy again and again, but right now it seems to me Behnam‘s the one. Well, he’s the only one whose songs I bought on iTunes, anyway.

Then there’s Max Giesinger, who’s sort of my neighbour (coming from the neighbouring village, that is) and who doesn’t seem too keen to speak High German 🙂 and Ivy … of course I shouldn’t forget Kim, but I’ve been waiting for her to choose a good song and not to bore me anymore with, like, radio classics …

The best music to drive these hard times away comes from the Overseas, though: Arcade Fire!!!! (thank you, Tina, once more) …

Badischer Sinn für Humor :-)



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