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OOTDs 6 & 7: Posh Moose, right?

It was cold outside, and quite grey, when I realized I wasn’t going to pass the economy exam: I didn’t understand anything we were supposed to learn during our Saturday seminar. At the same time, I felt unnaturally well. How come?

That day I found out I am a sucker for organic materials and non-poisonous clothes: it was my shirt that made me feel so well, a feeling I have been able to recreate and prove ever since. While “genetics” might be a strong word to use and probably not correct, I can still say I am a “natural born clothes snob” aka Posh Moose, right?

Anyway, I have been expanding my organic clothes treasure trove since that day and loving every piece of it. It’s a slow process because I don’t believe in organic cotton tees sold for 5 euro – what about the workers who made them? Did they survive? Can they eat? Breathe? This lack of belief in the necessity of textile workers torture for my own well-being (aka chock-full wardrobe) has lead to my cutting down on quantities purchased but also to some new, much beloved pieces of clothing  sharing my living space.

Like today’s OOTD 6 and OOTD 7: a pair of laser-designed jeans (noone died in the process of distressing them), combined with a cardigan (made of organic wool) my husband wanted to send back because of size issues. My favourite blouse (organic cotton) and a pair of trousers (not organic, but nice) my husband wanted to send back because of size issues.

After the jump. SFW.

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Roskilde: In Fluctu Amor.

“You know, I think our 500 kroner banknote doesn’t look like the money we’ve received in exchange so far. Could be the Danes have introduced a new design.”

“You must be right. Maybe you could simply try to pay our entrance fee with it and see how they react?”

The nice guy at the entrance to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde simply takes our money in return for our tickets. Phew.

Yes, we’ve treated Denmark badly in most of our holidays: as a transit country to be managed in the swiftest way possible and paid by credit cards, which is why we still had that old kroner banknote at home: there were times we decided to see what’s to be seen and to pay our way with real money.  Like the year we were getting married and spent some time in Copenhagen area right before the short ceremony on the shores of the Baltic sea, so to speak.

After having rowed and sailed a replica of an old Viking ship once more, after the lovely Viking salad and local organic beer, we realized, just like the last time, we needed to come here again and repeat the beautiful experience. Maybe we could also put in some hiking next time, without the huge rucksack? And Swedish rain?

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Das Finale gemäß Orakelessa:

Deutschland : Argentinien – 2 : 1.

Ich kann nicht mehr, ist urintreibend (ARD).

*seufz.* Erledigt.

Glaskogen: Lessons In Love.

“I don’t think I can do that.”

It took me whole 60 seconds to find that out and say it. In my head, exclusively, I do have some pride. Now what? Wisely, I excluded the confession act as a possibility and gave it another try instead. And another one. I still couldn’t do it, but I walked on. Nothing else to do: I had claimed a few weeks ago, loudly and comprehensively, that I should be able to do it, so now it was too late to find out I couldn’t. So I walked on. Just like I’d do in real life, nothing new there for me.

Just before we started packing our rucksacks for a 3-day hiking tour, the rain had decided now was the time to act out the attention whore part and stick to it for some time. Of course it would, this is Sweden, for ticks’ sake! I could only hope my brand new Dalsland tan wouldn’t get rinsed off or mouldy till we get home. Home. Where the bed is. And the shower. Walk on.

Gradually, my body stopped hating me for carrying such a huge load for so long in such a rain and we made 8 kilometers that day. At the end of which, we discovered our first palace: they hadn’t bothered with the red carpet but painted the whole house red instead and inside, there were beds. And an oven. That day, I may or may not have believed in heaven on Earth …

Oh, the rain? It was our devoted companion all along. Jep. One of the most beautiful hiking areas there ever was, admired as water color. With the exception of a few moments, that is. Beautiful moments.

We spent the next night in another red house saying “Germans go home” on one of its walls. Sorry to say we didn’t. We couldn’t. Not after 15 kilometers in the rain and half a ton on our backs. But thank you for the oven and all the wood.

– – –

“Where did you spend your holiday, if I may ask?” The repairman was nice and talkative, so I told him the truth: “In Sweden.” The tremor rattling his body could be seen: “Sweden? Isn’t it … cold and rainy up there?” He checked my chocolate tan again – it must have provoked his question in the first place – and decided to stick to his opinion: “And grey?”

“Yes, it is,” I lied (not wanting all the world and her wife to travel there next summer), “but then, at least there are no mosquitos when the weather’s bad. And it is still very beautiful, Sweden is.”

That’s true. While I was afraid I’d be missing Finland way too much, I found Glaskogen area to be quite similar to our beloved Finnish hiking grounds and that was enough. Oh, and: we had enough sun in Dalsland to enjoy a 5-day paddling tour in the first place.

Strange, though … this year no one exclaimed Spain’s gonna win as soon as they heard us talking German. At least I thought that was strange until I finally had a look at a comprehensible Swedish newspaper: it contained the words Spain, Chile and fiasco. I couldn’t believe it.

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Hottest Pentecost Monday Ever? Beer is the answer. That and good music. Also: OOTD 5.

37,4. Degrees Celsius. Yesterday, in Karlsruhe.

We loved it.

Also the fact that so many people preferred to stay at home.

My husband hiding behind his darkest sunglasses and a Panama hat and me showing so much cleavage I had to carry a formal license in my bag…

Beer. Did I mention the beer? The many small quantities of porter?

OK, OK, let me concentrate a bit…

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the Hoepfner festival of beer and music and it was good. Groovy.

“I can’t believe anyone’s playing Dire Straits and Pink Floyd nowadays,” I sincerely wondered, “do you think all these youngsters can identify them?”

“Hmmm…” was his answer.

Early in the evening, Karlsruhe was nice: it is not a beautiful city, generally, to much construction work taking place, like, everywhere, but the part we went for a walk in after the concert was nice. Cosy.


Mmmmmm. Loving it!

Oh, and: OOTD5? Why not:


Zakaj sem toaletni papir vrgla v smeti.

Ker je smrdel, jasno.

Resda bi bilo bolje, če bi že v trgovini opazila, da toaletni papir po znižani ceni oglašujejo kot prijetno dišeč, vendar na to možnost pač nisem pomislila in nisem brala opisov na embalaži. Zanima me samo število plasti (4): ste res mislili, da prevajalci beremo opise izdelkov in navodila za njihovo uporabo?

Pri poceni papirju sem si privoščila pomoto kljub temu, da že dlje časa kolnem proizvajalce in prodajalce higienskih vložkov, ker mi na vso silo hočejo zasmraditi življenje: imam občutljiv nos in kar je njim dišava, je meni obupen smrad. Skrajni čas bo za menopavzo, se mi zdi. Ali pa za drage vložke od biokmeta, dobavljene še pred sedmo uro zjutraj.

Predstavljajte si, da je v manjšem kraju v nedeljo ena taka fajn prireditev, dan je lep in sončen, sprehajate se med stojnicami in ves čas vam pod nos sili tako imenovana dišava iz toaletnega papirja. Vaša prva misel je, da morate domov in pod tuš, potem pa ugotovite, da isti smrad oddajajo tudi drugi obiskovalci prireditve. Seveda: en sam večji prodajalec na vasi, ista posebna ponudba, veliko kupcev. Veliko smradu.

Ljeh. – – –

“Mal je čuden,” pravi moja frizerka, “ne maramo ga preveč, ker se nam prilizuje na tako ogaben način.”

Stranke se smejimo, medtem ko Hairkillerki oponašata vedenje njihovega novega svetovalca za marketing.

“Upam, da vam ne bo treba te sluzljave vsiljivosti po novem oponašati?” sem malce zaskrbljena.

“Ma ne, po novem moramo strankam pogosteje svetovati, kaj bi še lahko naredile z lasmi oziroma kaj še ponujamo pri nas. To mi ni všeč, ta vsiljivost, če kdo hoče kaj posebnega, nam bo že povedal.”

Moja najljubša vrsta frizerke. Če kaj hočem, bom že rekla, če imam vprašanje, ga bom zastavila, drugače pa bi samo rada striženje v miru.

“In, ti je všeč?”

“Jaaa!” posnemam njeno prejšnje posnemanje njihovega svetovalca za marketing: “Super je!” sem narejeno sladka.


No, frizura mi je res všeč, zelo kratka je, zato po novem kažem celo vrsto uhančkov.

Poletje in to.


OOTD4. You Guessed It: To The Supermarket And Back.

While there’s Big Heat waiting for us as of this weekend, I’ve had many opportunities to play with Boys’ Toys (aka menswear) so far, our local supermarket being just the right kind of catwalk for that and the weather kindly obliging me by being simply cold and all kinds of indecisive.



So this is what you get if you put on Ha und Em exclusively, the only Ladies’ garment being the top: OOTD Nr. 4, no less. Can you imagine schlepping milk, flour and tomatoes in that? I knew you would 🙂

Now, excuse me while I edit my wardrobe to prepare for the summer before it’s too late and it disappears without me having as much as thought of a maxi skirt …

Dear Mädchen-Fonds,

this is your hard-studying moose again, just to let you know you have once more earned some money on the basis of my exam result.

How much, did I just hear you ask that?
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I’d hit it … and not.

When seeing Ellen kissing Rob today I realized I still find him terribly attractive. Or, as the Germans would put it: I wouldn’t push him from the edge of my bed …

Funny thing is, I used to adore Rob Lowe as a teenager and nowadays, I still get that dreamy feeling anywhere near his pics or even when thinking about him. Jep.
Good matured, isn’t he?

Other Real Hot Guys of Hollywood I’d hit?

Ian Somerhalder. Oh yes!

Adrien Brody. Definitely. (David Beckham, I love you.)

And Beyoncé!


And the guys I’d send away fast and furious?

There’s Brad I’d push into the Pitt.

And that Clooney guy, also.

Not to forget Ryan Gosling.


Who told you women shouldn’t talk that way? 🙂

Come on, bring it on and don’t forget:

De gustibus non est disputandum

Love It: Oil Pulling

Discovered last week at my favourite Man Repeller’s, I have already managed to get hooked by it: oil pulling.

Meaning I spend 20 minutes of my mornings swishing coconut oil around my mouth, before spitting it out and cleaning my teeth.

I really love the taste of coconut oil and the effects of oil pulling feel great to me: I’d recommend it. More information to be had on Access Hollywood.