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So How Was Yours?





Things Happen, No?

Howdy. … Or something.

After having ticked off the survival of this year’s autumn exhaustion successfully (I needed an additional round of workout, though, it must be the age) I am somewhat lost for words … Oh, I know: I must have used them all up to write my uni homework, describing in too many words why person A needn’t pay the purchase price. Lucky bastard: most of us have to.

Not an easy task, studying at home: while I love being independent, I fear I spend too much time searching for information that should simply be available in bulk … On the other hand, when have you last attended a uni seminar wearing a roller in your hair? Exactly.

I must wonder whether I do this on purpose, just to relive the good olden times, when thinking about Kant made me ignore both friends and traffic signs: after having paid my bills and stuff, I turn around to see if anybody’s waiting for me to finish my electronic papirology (nope, dear hackers, I do not bank online) and see a nice lady so I smile in her direction and she smiles back. I take my papers and my wallet and leave, only to remember I am also carrying a handbag today. So I turn and smile apologetically at the nice lady, who looks a bit shattered. “One of those Saturdays” I admit, grip my bag and walk home to finish my seminar paper on not needing to pay. Damn.

Oh, and all the big plans for tomorrow! Polish the parquet and the wardrobe fronts, finally try sewing with my wonderful new sewing machine, finish the seminar paper and get to read a bit.

Very warm here. Like: almost T-shirt and sandals warm. When the nice DHL girl told me this morning they have switched to the Christmas season regime I couldn’t help but exclaim. “Already!?!?” She told me they do that on 1. November and I realized we have November now. So that’s where all the flowers have gone.

Ahhh, and the November sun! Just imagine being able to say that: November sun! It makes all the garish orange, pink and salmon houses in our little town shine sort of beautifoolishly. Not bad at all, I really have to take care not to go down a notch or two in my taste …

Just one more annual exhaustion to tick off and then it’s Christmas.


“I think these are the makings of a mullet. Don’t you think so?”

“Yeah. You should finally visit your Hairkiller’s.”

I grab me some scissors: “Well, as you know, I don’t have time. I need to work too much.”

Since my hair is too long and quite curly (why now?), the final haircut doesn’t look too bad. Anyway, I AM going to go to the hairdresser’s as soon as I can.

What bothers me more is that we had to spend a beautiful Indian summer weekend at home. I am already missing the Pfalz so much and the autumn hasn’t even really started yet. Or has it?


“Seveda vem, kdo je O. J. Simpson!” se je dragi pritožil nad mojim prejšnjim zapisom. “To je tip, ki je skupaj z Lesliejem Nielsenom igral v Goli pištoli!”

Zardim. Odkar sem prišla z dopusta, samo še garam, v prostem času pa proizvajam slabe približke realnosti.

Zapis sem popravila, za vsak slučaj pa potrjujem, da je Moj najboljši kuhar testenin ever. Zame. Vi pa si poiščite kar vsaka svojega!

Danes sem vsaj malce študirala (FUL zanimiva skripta), pa ne vem, če mi bo zneslo pripraviti se na izpit. Trpim. Ma delo ima prednost, sploh odkar so se gospodje finančni svetovalci poigrali z najinimi prihranki 😦 in zmagali, za razliko od naju.

Jutri greva kolesarit. To seveda ni prav nobena branja vredna novica, ma … Jutri bo pri nas zapeklo do 38, občutenih 41. In midva vseeno greva kolesarit. Brez rekreacije ni dela, študija, smeha in lepega življenja. 🙂

Refashioned Jewellery

So one of your favourite rings is too big.

And you got a little surprise from Milica when you bought those unbelievable earrings.

And you brought a solitary little ear stud with you 12 years ago.

And of course you always have a solitary silver chain or two in your beloved little box.

So who’s gonna stop your wild horses?!?

Errrr: I mean, why not create something new?

I did:

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I make hay while the moon shines …

It’s the early moose that catches the deadline, no? 

Words of blather rock together. (And it’s happening right now, right here.)

A blog post saved is a blog post craved.

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

All work no joy, all work no joy, all work … oh boy!

As you fake it bad, so you must lie about it.

Fools blush while angels eat their bread.

Only moose and bosses work.

The best-laid schemes of meese are meant to be forgotten.


“So we’re going to see Snorri Snorrivetters Lustige Trobadoure today?”

I laugh only half-heartedly. What have I done?!?!? 😯

I caught him doing something he was quite immersed into and asked him in a neutral voice whether he’d like to accompany me to a concert. It’s a French singer, he may not love her, but I’d like to go and I have no one. To my surprise, he said yes. As it turned out, it was also to his surprise.

A few weeks later I reminded him the concert I had tricked him into was that day. He was still quite baffled about having become a concert ticket holder so easily and kept asking me how I had done it 😳 (I could have sworn there was some admiration in his eyes, too). I said I was going to buy him a beer so that he can survive the concert.

What we got on May 20 2011, was this:


I won’t even try to tell you how good ZAZ really is.

She’s really, really damn good. Pure energy and loads of different stuff. Felt like heaven, though I didn’t understand her French at all 😳

When leaving the hall I braced myself for any complains, after all, it was my fault, but my hubby said, without being asked about it, mind you: “That was good! She’s good! She’s so authentic and full of energy!”

Phew. That really made my day. Plus, I am officially allowed to drag him into concerts by people we don’t really know or not at all. One can never tell, that was my Beloved’s verdict …

ZAZ, thank you. You rock. We roll.

What An Impact, No. 2

“What is that?!?!?!?!?”

I guess we could agree I had shrieked. Shroken. Squeauken.

What I really did was react to ominous red scratches on our Prius’ silver-clad nonlying hip in a high-pitched voice that may or may not have sounded like a serious lack of enthusiasm.

“Oh, please/it’s just an old lady/she’s already feeling terrible/she didn’t mean it/of course we’re going to repair it/free of charge/as soon as possible/she didn’t mean it/we just don’t seem to have enough place/there are so many cars parking/I am so sorry/you won’t notice it’s been there …” Repeat.

That’s what you get if you shriek on a parking lot of a very busy local garage you intended to have your Obligatory Technical Inspection carried out by. At. On a Saturday.

“What’s that stink? Is there something wrong with our ersatz-Corolla?”

“I think this thing is called fuel. You need it to drive a car. Since we usually start driving electrically, especially when only just leaving, we never notice olfactorily our car uses gas, too.”

“Okay. Fuel. Gas. Olfactory. Remember the time we scared that poor grey-haired man in a parking garage because he couldn’t hear us driving behind him? I think he heard us only when I started to laugh so loudly…”

“Yeah, that was funny. He was cool. Laughing with us, as he did afterwards.”

“This is a very old Corolla, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Quite.”

“You know what?” The situation seems to be perfect for the old game of you-know-whatting the time away. Especially if you are sitting in a smelly old car you got as a replacement for the time your sweetheart is being serviced.

“What?” Well, here is a good sport at the wheel, isn’t here. There. He is.

“I don’t think I’ll ever want another car. Let’s stick to Prius from now on.”

“Good idea. But we should buy new models every now and then.”

“Of course: when there are enough of affordable used ones on the market … It’s just that I have grown so used to it and I like it for reasons I didn’t even know existed before.”

“That’s okay with me. I hope they will do away with those red scratches and carry out the inspection soon.”

They did. We got a phone call Sunday morning they needed the Corolla back and could we please fetch our Prius?

We could.

“I’ll have your coffee ready when you come back!” I promised.

I did.

Birds On Sunday

Generally, we don’t think we need (= want to schlepp) a huge camera when birdwatching and if an exciting new bird pops up in front of our spotting scope, we simply attach our beloved Lumix to its eyepiece.

Obviously, such photos will not look very professional, but they’re good enough for us. And we needed them on Sunday to be able to check two birds we saw but couldn’t name straight away.

I don’t know how one can live without internet at all …

Here they are: 1) the Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa) and 2) the Ruff (Philomachus pugnax).



Kleingeschwätzeltes am Freitag / Petkove čvečkarije

Wie fühlt es sich denn so an, in einem grün regierten Bundesland aufzuwachen?

Sehr gut. Für den Fall, dass es mal echt schlimm wird, möchte ich das heutige Gefühl festhalten: SEHR GUT.

Wie fühlt es sich denn so an, die ganzen Doktor-Entzugsorgien zu verfolgen?

WUNDERBAR. Ich glaube an Leistung, nicht an Heißluft.

Wie fühlt es sich denn so an, dass Maja ins Finale gekommen ist?

WUNDERBAR! Ich habe mir die Pressekonferenz mit dem slowenischen Team angeschaut und finde sie SEHR sympathisch. Schon deswegen hat sie es verdient – nette Leute sind mancherorts Mangelware … 
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